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Mark's Priorities as Mayor

Public Safety

G-PoliceStation 2014-12-04 10.11.26.jpg

Mark works with community leaders and residents to ensure that Rockville remains a safe and secure place for all to call home for generations to come.

Mark is the only current elected-official to vote to build a new Police Station. (We got the Old Post Office for $1). As Rockville grows, and diversifies we need to provide the capacity for police to engage with all residents in a respectful and appropriate manner.  Rockville's Mayor must totally support our Police Chief in his effort to provide effective community policing.

Protecting Our Neighborhood and Environment 

Don't widen I-270.png

No one fights harder to protect our neighborhoods from harmful, ill-conceived projects than Mark. He led Rockville’s successful effort to stop the disastrous I-270 widening and harmful school bus depots. As College Gardens Civic 
Association president, he led the neighborhood in effectively working with the City to change a tired, old park, into a new Storm Water Management facility and a much better park. The park won several awards including a national award.

Planning for Our Future

DSC02313 (2).jpg

More homes are needed to ensure that everyone, from our children to our elderly has a can continue to live in Rockville. Building near transit provides homes 
while generating more revenue for school capacity than will be used by these new 
neighborhoods. Everyone in Rockville benefits when plan for our future and our kids future.

Saving Our Town Center


Rockville Town Center has struggled for years. Businesses too often flee to nearby areas like Pike and Rose - just outside of our city. Current political red tape is preventing redevelopment and as a result many businesses are vacating the Town Center to move to nearby Pike & Rose. Rockville's 2040 Master Plan doesn't do enough to encourage business growth and retention in Town Center. Mark will make Town Center into a Champion development area similar to what is allowed near Twinbrook Metro. We must recognize that Rockville’s Town Center has many competitors and will struggle as long as we maintain barriers to its success.

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